Specialized Equipment:

  • Dedicated Trailers and Specialized Services
  • Kosher Certified Fleet
  • In-Transit Heat equipped Trailers with on-board Stainless Steel Pumping Equipment
  • Special Tank Configurations to meet most customer requests
  • Trailer capacities from 7,200 US Gal to 12,000 US Gal

Regions Served:

  • Ontario, Canada
  • Quebec, Canada
  • Atlantic, Canada
  • Midwest, USA
  • Eastern Seaboard, USA
  • South & Southeast, USA

Our Credentials:

  • Licensed General Freight Carrier, Canada
  • ICC Common and Contract Carrier, US
  • Canadian and US Customs Bonded Carrier
  • Food Grade Kosher Fleet Certification
  • Member, Ontario Trucking Association
  • Member, Ontario Milk Transport Association
  • CCPA Audited and Approved Carrier
  • Partner Carriers